The Exhibition

About the event

It will be an exhibition of fashion and lifestyle products. So you can get the latest outfits, trendy accessories, and every lifestyle product you may need. The Entry fee will be FREE for everyone! So Fashionistas, be ready to explore the new trends and experience the festive attire of the exhibition. Walk-in for Fashion, Leave out with Style!

It will be an excellent opportunity for sellers too, as they can have an interaction with their potential customers and sell their products in this exhibition. Stalls are running out! If you want to have your stall in this exhibition, then Book it soon.

Upcoming Event

We will be doing our Fashion and Lifestyle Exhibition in Kanpur! Date - 3rd & 4th December, 2021 Location - Hotel Kanha Galaxy, Kanpur Full Address - GT Rd, Coca Cola Chauraha, Ashok Nagar, Darshan Purwa, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208012

The Exhibition Includes -

1.Premium Apparels

2. Lifestyle Products



Health and Safety

Being a satisfactory partner to our collaborators and visitors is the utmost priority of ours. The exhibition is listening to your concerns. We are very well aware of the present situation of the pandemic, so we are all equipped and well managed to make your visit to our exhibition as safe and comfortable as possible.

We will ensure that you are safe with us while you are busy shopping for your favourite Fashion and Lifestyle product or visiting the exhibition. It’s our duty to make you feel comfortable and safe in this space. We are taking every possible measure to ensure that. We are nimble and responsive in any changed circumstances. So if you have any issues regarding your health and safety, you can surely count on us.

How we make sure to create the safest experience for you all

Space of the exhibition / Plan for social distancing-

The space and the location we have chosen can allow plenty of space for social distancing.

Capacity control / Timed entry-

We will be happy to announce that we try the best practice in ticketing and operations to control the number of visitors inside the exhibition hall at any given time. And we will ensure that every person in the exhibition hall is wearing a mask and have their hands sanitized.


We have a designated location that can be easily sanitized in a gap of a certain period of time to double ensure your safety.

Cleaning protocols-

We have trained and advised our team on the highest-touch surfaces within the exhibition that may need the most thorough and regular disinfection and cleaning.

If you have any special requests, please feel free to call us. +91 9839007123